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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Crohn's Trials.

I am looking for subjects to try the herbal medicine that I have made up.
I have a letter from a top flight surgeon that I have burned out Crohns disease, and it only took me three months to do it.
I understand the pain this debilitating disease can bring.

My Mixture is a combination of several herbs in a specific way.
None are harmful.
All can be used with normal prescribed drugs without side effects.
All herbs are sourced from a well known professional supplier.

Each subject that agrees will be fully informed on the amounts and times of taking the mixture.
This trial will cost £5 per month for the first three months and subsequent months of £10.
The mixture can be either taken in capsule form or mixture form which can be mixed into sauces or gravy to suit.
A monthly report will be made out by the subject detailing effects.

I have used this mixture for three years now as I have grown to like the taste.
Also I have had no effects of Crohns since starting this course.
I still take my Heart and Diabetes tablets (although I get no Diabetes problems) as normal.
I believe that as well as Crohns this mixture can help with other stomach and bowel problems.

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