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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Crohns Cure?

Let me start by saying that I am no doctor and have had no training in medicine.
I only go on the facts of my medical history.
This is my story which I pas on to you to read and make your own mind up.
I am 64 years, have suffered a massive Heart Attack, and am Diabetic.

My medical history is that for 14 years I suffered regular chronic stomach pains that put me in hospital at least three times every year.
As Crohns sufferers know the waves of pain can be excruciating.
Many is the time I have been doubled up on the floor in agony.

I have had loads of tests, scans, and examinations by Surgeons, Doctors and Nurses.
I had 5/6 camera's down the throat, 4/ major scans in the big polo mint scanner, three scans (the type they give pregnant women, jelly on the belly) and three Barium Meal scans.
The first ten years was taken up with the diagnoses of "Duodenal Ulcers" then one Doctor diagnosed "Pancreatitis"?

On my last visit in hospital I was finally diagnosed with Crohns and one final scan was ordered to prove it once and for all.
It was here that I decided to put a stop to this.
At the time I was studying horticulture and included in this course was a section on Herbs and their healing qualities.

I decided to try and find some relief in a herbal mixture.
I must admit that my first attempts were a total failure and only aggravated my symptoms.
In the process I came across a formula that worked, and in the three months up to my last scan it worked wonders for my health.
The pains stopped and I felt much better.

After my scan the Surgeon ( who is well known and respected in her field of medicine) called me in for a interview regarding my illness.
She then told me that the Crohns had "burnt itself out" which she (after my request) put it in a letter to myself.
Also the surgeon stated that "my herbal concoction" must have had something to do with this.

Now in three years I have not had a serious attack and have not been in hospital since with this problem.
The ingredients are purely herbal and are totally safe.
None of my tablets conflict with my formula which I take three times a week in my normal meals.
I have found there are no side effects to myself.

If anyone is interested I will gladly talk to them and make up the formula for them to try.
Please contact for further information  who will then contact me.

Terry Cope.

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