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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

LJs Pot Foods and Superfoods

On November the first a new business venture  is taking off at the old Post Office on the High St, Tunstall, next to Dominoes Pizza.
It will be called LJs Pot foods, and Superfoods.
Its main purpose will be to deliver Healthy foods and Drinks for all ages.

In its menu range will be Slimming drinks, Energy drinks and Herbal drinks.
We will also be selling organic fruit and veg, sandwiches, plus vegetarian and Gluten free items all freshly made from locally sourced wholesalers, as well as our own menu's of Quinar and Rice with Goji Berry, and hot, or cold pot Lobby for them cold nights.
Our aim is simple " to sell healthy foods to help people to live the best they can, and longer".

Healthy food and vegetables promote a healthy body and mind, extending life.
Also some herbs, fruit and vegetables are renowned for fighting disease and building a strong immune system.
They provide the body with anti-oxidants, and essential vitamins that fight off free radical (damaged) cells that create cancers and other ailments.

We will also add "proven" disease fighting natural, organic, chemical free foods and drinks to our range as they come onto the market.
Call in and see our range and talk to our friendly staff or just to seek advice.
LJs POT FOODS and Superfoods.

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