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Thursday, 29 October 2015

LJs Superfoods

LJs will be open from this Saturday and here is a selection of some of the goods that are on sale.
We have tried to keep as much of our stock Gluten free, organic, or vegetarian, as we believe in only "healthy foods for healthy body's".
We have a supply of juices including the mighty Acai, and Goji berries, sugar free children's juices, and coconut butter.
Come along and check us out.


1/ CAWSONS SUMMER BERRIES                               £2.30

2/ CAWSONS APPLE &PEAR                                       £2.30

3/ CAWSONS APPLE & RHUBARB                              £1.40

4/ GOJI BERRY JUICE                                                    £1.10

5/ SUMA SOUPS                                                           £1.20

6/ BEANS                                                                       £0.85

7/ BEETROOT JUICE                                                     £1.45

8/ RASBERRY YOGURT                                                 £0.90

9/ LOW FAT DAIRY =VANILLA 450G                          £1.80   

10/ LOW FAT RHUBARB 450G                                    £1.80

11/ GOATS MILK YOGURT 450G £                             £1.80

12/ PINAPPLE CHUNKS                                                £0.60

13/ UNSALTED BUTTER 250G                                     £2.40

14/ ACAI BERRY JUICE 33OML                                    £1.15

15/ KOKO DAIRY FREE SPREAD 500ML                     £2.00



18/ TWINNINGS EARL GREY 50 BAGS                       £3.50

19 TRUVIA CALORIE FREE SWEETNER 270G            £4.50

20. SHREDDED WHEAT 30 BISCUITS                         £2.20

21/ RIBENA 1 LITRE                                                      £2.25

           FROZEN MEALS

1/ VEGETABLE BURGERS 200G                                  £2.20

2/ TAIFUN GRILL SAUSAGES 250G                            £3.40



5/ KITCHEN THAI RED CURRY 285G                          £3.00

6/ GLUTEN FREE BREAKFAST SANDWICH                £2.30

7/ BROCCOLI & CHEDDER BAKE 270G                      £3.00


9/ GLUTEN FREE VEGGIE BURGERS 270G                £3.20

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

LJs Pot Foods and Superfoods

On November the first a new business venture  is taking off at the old Post Office on the High St, Tunstall, next to Dominoes Pizza.
It will be called LJs Pot foods, and Superfoods.
Its main purpose will be to deliver Healthy foods and Drinks for all ages.

In its menu range will be Slimming drinks, Energy drinks and Herbal drinks.
We will also be selling organic fruit and veg, sandwiches, plus vegetarian and Gluten free items all freshly made from locally sourced wholesalers, as well as our own menu's of Quinar and Rice with Goji Berry, and hot, or cold pot Lobby for them cold nights.
Our aim is simple " to sell healthy foods to help people to live the best they can, and longer".

Healthy food and vegetables promote a healthy body and mind, extending life.
Also some herbs, fruit and vegetables are renowned for fighting disease and building a strong immune system.
They provide the body with anti-oxidants, and essential vitamins that fight off free radical (damaged) cells that create cancers and other ailments.

We will also add "proven" disease fighting natural, organic, chemical free foods and drinks to our range as they come onto the market.
Call in and see our range and talk to our friendly staff or just to seek advice.
LJs POT FOODS and Superfoods.

Friday, 25 September 2015


I have been perfecting a juice that would have the main vitamins and anti-oxidants to help the immune system and help prevent a repeat of my health breakdown culminating it a serious Heart Attack that nearly put me away permanently .
In order to do this I studied a wide range of  (organic) fruits that provided the vital vitamins and antioxidants that my body needed.

I looked at a fast way of putting it into my system to benefit the quickest.
The fastest way to introduce anything into your system is liquid (apart from injection which I did not fancy) and if the mixture is right it will benefit all the way from mouth to out of the urinary track leaving behind helpful vitamins and antioxidants.

This is how I have ended up creating a mixture of berries that I personally believe have sorted out a lot of the health problems I was suffering with.
I feel healthier, with less aching in my joints, and I do not suffer from colds and flu.
I am more regular than I used to be, and I feel more confident of the future.
I am not making any wild claims as to what this juice does, all I say is I feel better for it, and people who use it say it has helped them.

The two main berries I use are the powerful antioxidant packed Aronia berry, and the equally powerful Vitamin C packed (500 times more Vitamin C than equal weights of Oranges) Chinese Goji Berry.
I have for the last 5 years been growing the Aronia berry on an organic farm, and importing organically grown Goji berries (as I had no luck growing them) from my Chinese supplier.

They are (with other locally sourced organic berries) prepared in a way I have perfected to a very high standard.
In every bottle there is approximately at least 20 days supply if you have the recommended 1 cup a day.
The best way I found was 4 tablespoons of the juice, filled up with either hot/cold water and sweetened with Honey.

It usually takes about a week for it to start acting in the system, and start improving the immune system, depending on the persons constitution.
Many of my customers are very happy with the results they get from this juice and constantly tell me so,
If you would like more information on this juice please contact Terry at where I will only be too pleased to answer your questions.



Friday, 28 August 2015

Why I am Not Dead.

A strange title you may agree, but one I believe is spot onto my still being on this earth.
Let me try and explain without boring you to death ( pardon the pun)
I also have been graced with a strange -some would say warped- sense of humour.
Which I fully believed has aided my mental well being.

Six years ago my body and health was a total disaster area, and ready for a trip in a long black limousine to the boneyard.
I smoked 60 fags a day.
Worked nights and eat all the wrong things.
In fact I ticked all the box's for a perfect demise.

One day I woke with a nagging pain in the middle of my back, at the top of my spine.
After phoning the helpline of the NHS I ended up with a Ambulance sitting on my doorstep.
The driver convinced me -as I felt alright- to take a trip to A&E.
On arrival -still thinking that I was just wasting their time- I was put in a cubicle.

It was seconds in when I promptly had a massive heart attack and died.
Had it not been for a quick thinking nurse I would have made the journey down to the Morgue.
She got me started again and I was sent down to have stents fitted.
Dying again before they got the stents in.

I recovered and decided to change my lifestyle altogether, as that was too close for comfort.
I studied how to repair some of the damage I had done to my body.
My first job was to throw the fags away.
I completely changed my eating habits focusing on organic and fresh foods.

Also I had regular blood tests to keep an eye on my progress.
It was in the period after my Heart Attack that I was diagnosed with other health problems that did not make my recovery back to good health very likely.
I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Crones disease, and Vascular Dementia.

I was faced with a lifetime of -albeit a short one- tablets.
A doctor informed me that a time limit -before full onset of Dementia- of 5 years.
I was liable to suffer very badly with Crones disease -if I did not have to have half my stomach removed, and end up wearing a bag like my sister- for the rest of my life.
Having type two Diabetes just topped everything off.

Today I am quite fit, and still around.
I have burned out the Crones so have no problems there.
The Vascular Dementia is under control, and the Diabetes does not seem to affect me.
I believe -with a top flight surgeon at the North Staffs who has given me a written statement testifying that-that the Crones is all but wiped out.

I have set my recovery agenda based on study of natural foods and juices that contains the highest amount of nutrients and vitamins.
I have tried many concoctions of Herbal remedies until I found the one that burned out the Crones, and also various mixes of juices to create what I believe is the most powerful tonic that builds the immune system and improves ones health.

All in all I have brought all my blood counts into the good area.
Cholesterol is at a normal level.
Blood Sugar -when I'm not pigging out on choc ices- is at normal levels.
As I said my general Health is very good for a 64 years old man.

I fully believe that my programme works and can work on people of any age, or health condition.
Its a fact that "you are what you eat" and like a car engine if you don't change the oil and put petrol in it won't last long.
If you want to try my method of rejuvenation of the body just e-mail
Terry Cope.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

LJs Health and Wellbeing Foundation.

How much do you want to lose weight or build up a strong immune system to live a healthy illness free life.
We all know that to live a healthy life we must live a healthy lifestyle which includes organic fruit and vegetables free of man made chemicals, and regularly cleanse the body of poisons and toxins present in the atmosphere that invade the body.

One way is to buy expensive juicers, and blenders, along with a regular supply of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Then spend up to 20 minutes cutting, juicing, and cleaning up the equipment used?
A lot of time, expense and energy is used up which seems to defeat the meaning of the exercise.

Well one group of people have created LJs Health and Wellbeing Foundation which cuts out all the work and equipment to buy top quality Fruit and Vegetable's, create super juices, and deliver them to your door.
Now you can experience in a short time your body re-energising itself, and feeling more healthier.

They have also created their very own weight loss plans, and their body restoration from the bottom to peak performance, in a safe way using only quality safe ingredients.
All this no matter what your age, or health.
Its creator is 64 years old and has banished the blues and illness's away, and has amazed his doctor.

He has taken the basic needs of the body, using only natures (chemical free) finest Fruits and Vegetables which carry the building blocks of health and fitness, and utilised them.
Immune system building, and anti-oxidents rich Fruit and Veg that fights disease before it can take hold.
They also help "fight free radical cells" that can create cancers and other life threatening diseases.
He also believes that some diseases can be reversed with a healthy input of "super juices".

There will be "NO" interruption of doctor prescribed medicines, or interference of treatment.
This is purely a change of what you are putting into your body and amounts.
These ingredients are just the "healthy" and "nutritious" ingredients the body requires to sustain itself and fight disease, in a form that is easily digestible and fast acting.  

Are you interested in starting a new life with this Foundation?
Find out which programme will suit you.
No contact will be made until "YOU" are ready to start and you know "ALL" the facts.
Contact us on e-mail to find out our plan to a long healthy life.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Crohn's Trials.

I am looking for subjects to try the herbal medicine that I have made up.
I have a letter from a top flight surgeon that I have burned out Crohns disease, and it only took me three months to do it.
I understand the pain this debilitating disease can bring.

My Mixture is a combination of several herbs in a specific way.
None are harmful.
All can be used with normal prescribed drugs without side effects.
All herbs are sourced from a well known professional supplier.

Each subject that agrees will be fully informed on the amounts and times of taking the mixture.
This trial will cost £5 per month for the first three months and subsequent months of £10.
The mixture can be either taken in capsule form or mixture form which can be mixed into sauces or gravy to suit.
A monthly report will be made out by the subject detailing effects.

I have used this mixture for three years now as I have grown to like the taste.
Also I have had no effects of Crohns since starting this course.
I still take my Heart and Diabetes tablets (although I get no Diabetes problems) as normal.
I believe that as well as Crohns this mixture can help with other stomach and bowel problems.

For more information contact

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Crohns Cure?

Let me start by saying that I am no doctor and have had no training in medicine.
I only go on the facts of my medical history.
This is my story which I pas on to you to read and make your own mind up.
I am 64 years, have suffered a massive Heart Attack, and am Diabetic.

My medical history is that for 14 years I suffered regular chronic stomach pains that put me in hospital at least three times every year.
As Crohns sufferers know the waves of pain can be excruciating.
Many is the time I have been doubled up on the floor in agony.

I have had loads of tests, scans, and examinations by Surgeons, Doctors and Nurses.
I had 5/6 camera's down the throat, 4/ major scans in the big polo mint scanner, three scans (the type they give pregnant women, jelly on the belly) and three Barium Meal scans.
The first ten years was taken up with the diagnoses of "Duodenal Ulcers" then one Doctor diagnosed "Pancreatitis"?

On my last visit in hospital I was finally diagnosed with Crohns and one final scan was ordered to prove it once and for all.
It was here that I decided to put a stop to this.
At the time I was studying horticulture and included in this course was a section on Herbs and their healing qualities.

I decided to try and find some relief in a herbal mixture.
I must admit that my first attempts were a total failure and only aggravated my symptoms.
In the process I came across a formula that worked, and in the three months up to my last scan it worked wonders for my health.
The pains stopped and I felt much better.

After my scan the Surgeon ( who is well known and respected in her field of medicine) called me in for a interview regarding my illness.
She then told me that the Crohns had "burnt itself out" which she (after my request) put it in a letter to myself.
Also the surgeon stated that "my herbal concoction" must have had something to do with this.

Now in three years I have not had a serious attack and have not been in hospital since with this problem.
The ingredients are purely herbal and are totally safe.
None of my tablets conflict with my formula which I take three times a week in my normal meals.
I have found there are no side effects to myself.

If anyone is interested I will gladly talk to them and make up the formula for them to try.
Please contact for further information  who will then contact me.

Terry Cope.