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Friday, 25 September 2015


I have been perfecting a juice that would have the main vitamins and anti-oxidants to help the immune system and help prevent a repeat of my health breakdown culminating it a serious Heart Attack that nearly put me away permanently .
In order to do this I studied a wide range of  (organic) fruits that provided the vital vitamins and antioxidants that my body needed.

I looked at a fast way of putting it into my system to benefit the quickest.
The fastest way to introduce anything into your system is liquid (apart from injection which I did not fancy) and if the mixture is right it will benefit all the way from mouth to out of the urinary track leaving behind helpful vitamins and antioxidants.

This is how I have ended up creating a mixture of berries that I personally believe have sorted out a lot of the health problems I was suffering with.
I feel healthier, with less aching in my joints, and I do not suffer from colds and flu.
I am more regular than I used to be, and I feel more confident of the future.
I am not making any wild claims as to what this juice does, all I say is I feel better for it, and people who use it say it has helped them.

The two main berries I use are the powerful antioxidant packed Aronia berry, and the equally powerful Vitamin C packed (500 times more Vitamin C than equal weights of Oranges) Chinese Goji Berry.
I have for the last 5 years been growing the Aronia berry on an organic farm, and importing organically grown Goji berries (as I had no luck growing them) from my Chinese supplier.

They are (with other locally sourced organic berries) prepared in a way I have perfected to a very high standard.
In every bottle there is approximately at least 20 days supply if you have the recommended 1 cup a day.
The best way I found was 4 tablespoons of the juice, filled up with either hot/cold water and sweetened with Honey.

It usually takes about a week for it to start acting in the system, and start improving the immune system, depending on the persons constitution.
Many of my customers are very happy with the results they get from this juice and constantly tell me so,
If you would like more information on this juice please contact Terry at where I will only be too pleased to answer your questions.



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