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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Herbal Help.

As most people who know me,  I have been carrying out a long term health check on myself, and others who are helping me in my quest.
From 2009 when I suffered a major heart attack which had I not been in the Hospital at the time I would have ended up in Carmountside graveyard for the rest of eternity.

I was given a huge wake up call to change my lifestyle if I wanted to see my grandchildren and great grandchildren grow up.
I took a course in Horticulture to occupy myself and found that there is more to plants than I realised particularly Herbs.
I also learned that there are many medicinal uses that plants can be used for a healthy living.

My medical history involved 14 years of agony and (at least twice yearly) weekly stays in Hospital with what was first diagnosed as Duodenal Ulcers, them Pancreatitis, and final diagnosis was Crone's disease.
I was put through camera's down the throat, up my rear end, Scans and poking and prodding for 14 years.

Also after my Heart Attack I was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia, and type 2 Diabetes,
I felt as though I was just around the corner from a wooden box, but I am not one to give in without a fight, I was not ready for the knackers yard yet.

So I got my head down and started my medical experiment.
First I studied Herbs and their medicinal properties.
That led me to "Weeds" and some of their amazing medicinal qualities.
Over a three year period I have mixed Herbs and weeds to try on myself, and not all were successful.

One mixture of totally organic Herbs had a startling effect on me.
I was finally diagnosed as definitely having Crones disease in the November of 2010.
I then did my research and came up with a plan to use four separate organic Herbs mixed in a formula of my own to try and combat this disease.

To my surprise by the time in March of 2011 I had a Barium meal scan showing that the Crones had (according to a Senior Hospital surgeon and her team that is documented) "burned itself out.
Since that date I have not had a attack or an stay in Hospital.

My next experiment on myself was to attack the other problems I was suffering from.
My general health was fairly poor, which sometimes left me feeling like an old man.
I needed a pick me up so went back to the drawing board.
Now I was already interested in growing fruit bushes, and was growing them.

I was particularly interested in the "Super-fruits" that were gaining in reputation.
Once again I went into Jeckle and Hyde mode and started mixing these to get the best results on my health.
I came up with a mixture of three of the "Super-fruits" which gave me a boost.

I started getting people to drink this juice and the results were quite astounding.
One person stated that "its made me feel like a new man".
Another, after using the mix has been able to get out of the house again.
All I tell people is that "it works for me, try it if it does not work then you lose nothing".
There are no chemicals involved I only use totally organic Herbs from professional registered sources.

If you feel you can benefit or you know someone who can just contact by e-mail  for further information.
Complete confidentiality is guaranteed.