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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Natural Remedies.

Well folks for the last two years many people (relatives and friends) have been testing for me my herbal mixtures and my own formula of natural fruits in a juice, and the results are quite astounding.
Firstly let me state that the opinions quoted are those directly from the people and not myself.
All I will attest to is that the ingredients are quality sourced from professional business's, and the juice is made of organically grown berries and "NO" chemicals are added, except natures own.

I hope you will understand the reason why I do not give quantities or ingredients.
My Herbal mixture is one I use myself and have proof of its working from a top surgeon, and her team at the University Hospital.
The Juice has many supporters, in that now over 40 bottles a month are distributed.
Each bottle contains on average 20 days supply.

The knowledge that plants hold the key to our health as been out there for many years, and is used to benefit many people.
Fruit and veg are the fuel for an healthy body.
It provides the vitamins that build a strong immune system plus provides a barrier against disease.

The free radical cells that cause cancer and other life threatening diseases are held at bay by the benefits of a healthy diet containing anti-oxidant's that destroy free radicals.
Sometimes these diseases can be reversed by the introduction of the leading fruit and veg that contain large amounts of these compounds and vitamins.
This is theory that has guided me to blend the highest rated fruits and herbs to aid health.

Previous posts on this site allow the reader to make up their own mind about there worth, as I have always been one that will not force my opinions on others.
Terence Cope.

For further information contact
I am in the process of opening a shop to sell Healthy juices and Herbal mixtures to the public, and will advertise it on this site.


1/ my legs and ankles swelled up but since drinking this juice I have not had this problem.
2/ I have got more energy since having this drink.
3/ I was always in and out of Hospitals with horrendous pains in my stomach together with sickness, but since (3 years now) taking the mixture of herbs I have not had any stomach problems, in fact the Hospital have said that my Crones has "burnt out".
4/ My husband has been more mobile and healthier since he has been drinking this juice, and now me and the family drink it regularly.