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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Aronia Berry.

Aronia berries have a wide variety of possible uses. Traditionally, Native Americans used aronia berries as medicines and preservatives; aronia berries were also used in the production of dyes. A popular modern use of aronia berries is the production of juice.
There is a growing body of literature supporting potential medicinal uses of aronia berry juice and other aronia berry products. For instance, there is experimental evidence from studies of rats that aronia berry extract can treat ulcers and other stomach problems. There is also evidence of protective and/or therapeutic effects against viruses, colon cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular disorders (including hypertension), diabetes, circulatory disorders, and urinary tract infections (UTIs).
While aronia choke berry are often go to treatments for UTIs, there is evidence that due to their high quinic acid content in comparison to cranberries, aronia berries are actually more effective in this indication. However, it would be a mistake to assume that aronia berries’ health benefits are due solely to their quinic acid content. The long list of potential medical uses of the aronia berry is a result of their flavonoid, polyphenol, anthocyanin, and proanthocyanidin content. (You may be interested to know that the anthocyanin and proanthocyanidin content of aronia berries is largely responsible for their characteristic dark coloration).
We will close by noting that aronia berries have strong antioxidant activity, and can be useful in the prevention and/or management of diseases caused and/or worsened by excessive free radical levels in the body. While antioxidants are not panaceas, they can most definitely be part of a comprehensive, rational strategy for gaining and maintaining optimal health

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Immune System

It is an undeniable fact that the human body is constantly under attack from germs and diseases.
The first, and most line of defence is the body's immune  system.
An immune system is only as good as the support it is given.
The body is like a car engine, if it receives the right grade of fuel it will run with either no or little problems.

There are several ways of approaching this problem, and here we deal with the two main ones of Standard Medicine, and Herbal Medicine.
Firstly let me say that Herbal Medicine is not a replacement for Standard Medicine, and always consult your own Doctor first for persistent symptoms.

Our ancestors had a greater knowledge of herbal medicine mainly because of the cost of a doctor attending was out of their reach, so they used the fields and hedgerows to use the plants that were beneficial to help heal, and to food eat.

I personally am not a great fan of the constant use of antibiotics, as I believe their efficiency is greatly reduced over a period of time.
Also my own health has greatly improved with the use of Herbal Medicines.
I have not suffered from colds and flu since starting my (now 5 year ) introduction to healthy eating.
I am no saint I also eat less healthy junk food, but in moderation, as my mother used to say "a little of what you fancy does you good".

Immune building  ingredients can be found in most fruit and vegetables.
We have garlic/onions recommended for keeping the heart healthy.
Broccoli, cabbage and green veg to keep the stomach and digestive working properly.
Also other vegetables to put in the body the right vitamins.

Now to keep the body at peak health the right amount of vitamin C is very important.
Oranges in either drink or edible form are very good for acquiring vitamin C, but on a scale they are below fruits like the Goji berry, Blackcurrant, and Buckthorn berry.
Also there is the Dog rose hips that are rich in this vitamin once processed to ward off winter colds and flu, with the added bonus that the main ingredient is free.

Goji Berries in particular have 600 times more Vitamin C, (weight for weight) so are particularly beneficial in combating germs and diseases.
They also contain Vitamins B1, B2,B6, also phytonutrients and high levels of antioxidants, scoring very high as a healthy fruit.

Another healthy fruit is the Aronia Berry, fruit juice, anthocyanins derived from the fruit  (aronia melanocarpa) has been studied intensively in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe, and it appears that Aronia berry's have compounds that are protective of the Liver, have blood sugar stabilizing properties anti tumour and anti inflammatory activity.
They also have one of the richest plant sources of phenolic substances, mainly Anthocyanins-glycosides of cyaniding.

Antioxidants are the main fighters of free radical cells that create Cancer, and these are just two of the fruits with antioxidants in them.
As I have said before Cancer is an ugly unforgiving disease but it can be beaten with the right approach.
Also other debilitating diseases can be controlled or again beaten by a safer route of Herbal Medicine, as it is well known that some plants and fruits have marvellous healing properties.
Peter John.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Is Crohns for life?

A much waited for letter dropped through my letter box on Saturday from a consultant Surgeon at the Hospital giving me a big surprise.
I was a sufferer of Crohns disease for 15 years, and I say was because according to a Barium Meal Scan it is "burned out" which I take to be cured.
Also when enquiring about recent blood tests I was informed that these were "normal".

Now for someone who was diagnosed as having Crohns, and type 2 Diabetes, this was rather a shock.
It left me puzzling -as I had not been taking any different medication- whether a/ I had been miss-diagnosed, or b/ whether I had found a cure for my illness, when in fact I was informed from the start that Crohns is for life?

Since October 2012 -when I was last in hospital- with this illness, I decided to try a formula of herbs I had and see the results.
In April of 2013 I had the scan and waited for the results, which I received last Saturday.
Now the only constant factor in that time was the herbal mixture I devised.
I went from having bouts of this illness on a regular basis to having one minor attack.

I am now supplying several people with my formula and looking to see how this develops.
The ingredients I use are made of pure organic herbs,(no chemicals, or man made drugs) and too date nobody as been admitted to hospital or died from herbal poisoning.
The main herb is a well known anti cancer herb, and is found in one of the most common cancer drugs, along side a herb that has a cleansing effect on the bowels, kidneys, and stomach.
I will update this site on the results of my tests, good or bad.

I believe this formula has many health benefits in the fight against illness's.
For more information on this please contact


Monday, 23 September 2013

Cancer Cure or not?

There are many contradictory words and disinformation on the net on the good and bad  benefits of ESSIAC herbal tea.
If ESSIAC is new to you I recommend you read this article and learn more of the effects and benefits of the herbal formula.
Read the testimonials and form your own opinion.

ESSIAC is rapidly gaining a name in the fight against Cancer, Diabetes, Detoxification, Strengthening the Immune System, a general Health Tonic, or just a pleasant Herbal Tea drink.
ESSIAC as earned the reputation as a safe nutritional approach to Cancer, Diabetes, and other health problems because the herbs used have been eaten for the past millennium without any problems.

It took Canadian Nurse Rene Caisse years to isolate the herb that actually fought the cancer cells and it was Sheep's Sorrel (rumex acetossello).
In her own words she stated that " I have never claimed that my treatment cures Cancer- although many of my patients and Doctors with whom I have worked claim it does- My goal has been the control  of Cancer and the alleviation of pain".

My Husband is  65 years old...He we was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer on Jan. 08. There is a story here and I could write a novel, but think it more beneficial to just stick to a summary of what happened and what we did to get past the horrors of cancer.
He had a surgery and 1/4-1/2 of his right lung was removed...They had to break several ribs to do this...a sample was sent to pathology and the report came back to us telling us it was indeed cancer....He was scheduled for chemo and after 6 mo. of insidious treatment was pretty much a vegetable...I have studied alternative health for 30 years so you can imagine the trauma it was to watch and be a part of something so insidious...3 weeks after the last chemo treatment, still another PET scan showed he had 5-6 new tumors in his the same lung...devastation was overwhelming...They told him all they could offer him was more chemo, but he was in such a frightening state of negative  health by then he said no..(actually he said Hell no)...They told him to get his affairs in order and sent him home to die...When all of this started I was to horrified and busy to do any research other than what I had previously known...When it comes to "helping" someone in this field I have found not many are receptive to "Natural health care or cures" ...Anyway I read of a 4 herb tea that had what I thought was a really good record...I bought a pound of essiac and started my Husband on it 2 oz twice a day...we went from eating any and all kids of animal protein to a completely "plant based diet" without exception"....I cannot remember for sure the month (maybe may 09 ) that I called with tears of joy to tell her My Husband's results from a recent test  "there is no detectable cancer" in his body...since than he has had other examinations that agreed with these findings...Today he is a  healthy, Happy man of many interests and pursues them all with amazing strength and focus...He is very much alive and it has been just a little over a year since they found the new tumors, and deemed him terminal... Needless to say my gratitude for this site and the people involved in making the "Real stuff" available to all of us in dire need is great...I constantly seek new ways to Pay it Forward...Lynda of Oregon [Last name deleted to protect privacy].
The evidence of the power of the ESSIAC formula was demonstrated in laboratory tests carried out in the Brusch Medical Centre, and other Laboratories.
One of the most dramatic effects of taking ESSIAC tea was its affinity for drawing all the Cancer cells that had spread back to the original site at which point the tumour would harden, later soften, later decreasing in size where it could be surgically removed with minimum complications. 
If further information is required please e-mail    

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Introduction to this site.

This site will be put over to health and well being.
The various alternative approaches to healing will be explored in detail.
Some methods I have personally tried and tested and the results will be put on this site.
We will advertise certain health foods and when we get through the minefield of rules and laws.
We will also publish your ideas and remedies that you have heard of or tried, to make your lives better.
Links to articles on the net will be published and discussed between members.
Sign up and join in the talks, and posts.

So feel free to e-mail me at with your stories and remedies.