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Monday, 31 March 2014

Health Tips

It is said that one of the major causes of Breast Cancer is the use of underarm chemical deodorants.
Use of these deodorants faults is they block the pores of the skin stopping toxins from being exuded from the body.
For safe underarm deodorants use coconut oil, as this lets the skin breathe.

For nutrient rich food use cook in the bag technique.
Sous-vide (boil in the bag) cooking means vegetables rich in anti oxidants keep their nutrients rather than allowing them to boil away.
Boiled vegetables lost twice as many anthocyanin's (immune building, and thought to help beat Cancer, and Heart Disease) as boil in the bag.
Bag cook in a saucepan at 87c for 50 minutes, or 91c for 30 minutes (below boiling).
This is because cooking sous-vide does not damage the cell walls as much.

The key to a longer healthier life is exercise and diet.
Excess weight creates problems the body cannot cope with.
Smoking and excessive drinking also create problems.
Less dead inactive processed food will also help.

You do not have to cut everything out just use common sense and moderation in your diet and lifestyle.
Check out what you are putting into your body and leave out too much of the bad stuff.

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