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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Is Crohns for life?

A much waited for letter dropped through my letter box on Saturday from a consultant Surgeon at the Hospital giving me a big surprise.
I was a sufferer of Crohns disease for 15 years, and I say was because according to a Barium Meal Scan it is "burned out" which I take to be cured.
Also when enquiring about recent blood tests I was informed that these were "normal".

Now for someone who was diagnosed as having Crohns, and type 2 Diabetes, this was rather a shock.
It left me puzzling -as I had not been taking any different medication- whether a/ I had been miss-diagnosed, or b/ whether I had found a cure for my illness, when in fact I was informed from the start that Crohns is for life?

Since October 2012 -when I was last in hospital- with this illness, I decided to try a formula of herbs I had and see the results.
In April of 2013 I had the scan and waited for the results, which I received last Saturday.
Now the only constant factor in that time was the herbal mixture I devised.
I went from having bouts of this illness on a regular basis to having one minor attack.

I am now supplying several people with my formula and looking to see how this develops.
The ingredients I use are made of pure organic herbs,(no chemicals, or man made drugs) and too date nobody as been admitted to hospital or died from herbal poisoning.
The main herb is a well known anti cancer herb, and is found in one of the most common cancer drugs, along side a herb that has a cleansing effect on the bowels, kidneys, and stomach.
I will update this site on the results of my tests, good or bad.

I believe this formula has many health benefits in the fight against illness's.
For more information on this please contact


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